Resisto Ice & Water Eave Protector – 195sqft Roll


The Resisto LB1236 Ice & Water Eave Protector is a self-adhesive roofing membrane composed of fiberglass fleece reinforcement and SBS-modified bitumen. It is designed to be used as eave protection that guards against leakage caused by wind-driven rain or ice-ups. Install beneath shingles, along with areas where water may collect such as around chimneys, valleys, vents, skylights, or other similar areas.

Gross Coverage: 195sqft     Width: 36”     Length: 65’     Thickness: 53 mil (1.35mm)



Resisto Ice & Water Eave Protector – 195sqft Roll

  • Non-slip, sanded finish
  • Self-sealing membrane around nails and screws
  • Withstands exterior temperature fluctuations
  • Meets Florida building code: FL2569 and FL17084
  • Types of Slope: Outside steep slope
  • Type of covering: Asphalt shingles
  • Substrates: Plywood, OSB, Asphaltic panel
  • Surface: Sand
  • Underface: Two parts silicone release film (split-back)
  • Reinforcement: Glass mat
  • Application: Self-adhesive
  • Service temperature: -40 °C to 90 °C (-40 °F to 194 °F)


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