Ice & Water Shield

Ice and water protector, sometimes also referred to as ice and water shield, is a waterproof roof underlayment membrane developed to protect vulnerable areas on a roof from ice and water damage. Ice and water protectors are made with polymer-modified bitumen. This shield protects your home or building from ice dams and wind-driven rain.

Living in Utah means exposure to a cold climate and snow during the winter, putting any roof at risk for ice dam formation. This occurs due to the continuous melting and freezing of snow as heat escapes from a structure. Proper roofing underlayment ensures that a roof and structure will not be damaged. When installed correctly, an ice and water shield allows water to drain off the roof, which also prevents the chance of a water leak.

Where to Apply
An ice and water shield should be applied to specific areas on a roof. These areas include: Chimney, Vents, Flashings, Skylights, Valleys, and Low Slope Roofs.

Order of Installation
The ice and water protector needs to be installed before any underlayment is placed.
It also needs to be underneath the flashings.
The shield should be installed at least 3 feet, all the way to 6 feet from the edge of the roof.
If you are installing on a shingle roof, it needs to be placed underneath both the shingles and any felt paper.

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