Dominion Synthetic Underlayment




Why Dominion is your best choice amongst all synthetic underlayment.

22 Years of Polypropylene Manufacturing & Supply to the Industry,

Dominion products have 100% Anti Slip on BOTH sides and are all 4-layer products!!
Compare that to your brand, where you are told to install tacky-side down.

Approved for under Metal Roofs, Asphalt Shingles, Clay Tile, Slate or Wood Shakes.

Excellent UV resistance.
Dominion products can be left exposed from a minimum of 3 months up to one full year

Non-Toxic and “Green” products with LEED contribution!!
No cancer warnings unlike saturated asphalt felt!!!!!!

Wrinkle Free and Cuts install time by 70%
Dominion has zero water absorption, installs flat, lays flat, and stays flat, and stays on!!

20 times the strength of felt with ½ the weight.

“Lifetime Limited Warranty” on all Dominion Products -The Best Warranty in the Industry with the comfort of buying direct from a code compliant manufacture!!!

Dominion Synthetic Code Compliance CCRR-1038, FL 17194- T.D.I. Texas Department of Insurance-Can/CSA A123.3-HUD Approved



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