#10 x 1″ Pancake Head Screws – Bag 250 (Square Tip)


PANCLIP – for applications that require a low profile head with large flat under head load bearing surface. The Panclip head combines a larger clamping surface than a PFH fastener and a lower profile than a HWH or hex head fastener. Designed primarily for the installation of standing seam metal roofing panel clips. The Panclip has many other applications such as window, door, fixture, liner panel, cladding and siding panel installations. Panclip fasteners are now available for wood (MTW), steel (MTM) or wood to metal (WTM) applications.

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DMI’s “standard” fastener for low profile fastening applications to wood substrates. This engineered multi-purpose fastener is a carbon steel fastener with E zinc galvanizing and DMG85 corrosion resistant coating. This fastener meets exceeds the ASTM G85 Miami-Dade corrosion resistance requirement and the Silver parts have a Miami-Dade fastener listing L 21-0630.02. This fastener also meets the Florida Building Code, 2017 FBC R904.5.2, 2014 1505.5 1000 hr ASTM B-1117 requirements. The #10-9 thread pattern performs well in plywood and OSB substrates

All Panclip MTW screws feature #2 square drive and a TP-17 point and are packaged 250 pcs per bag.


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