Fasteners are a key factor when it comes to holding a roof together. Fasteners can make or break the performance of a roof. Coil Nails, Plastic Cap Nails and Staples are used to properly secure roofing components. We offer zinc and stainless steel capped heads because they are designed to last longer against sun, wind and rain. They are also rust resistant. The effectiveness of fasteners are only as good as the tools and techniques used to install them.

There are important things to know and consider when selecting and installing fasteners.

Selecting the Right Fasteners
Choose the fastener that is designed for the roofing materials you are using; metal, concrete or wood.
Due to the extreme weather conditions throughout the year, select fasteners that are minimally affected by corrosion.
Consider the size and length needed for the particular roofing material being installed.

Installation of Fasteners
Use the appropriate equipment when installing the fasteners (Nail Gun, Staple Gun, Drill).
Use high-quality bits so everything performs properly.
The hex on the screw needs to be fully embedded when installed to prevent any wobbling.
To prevent the occurrence of point failure, tap the thread of the fasteners after drilling.
Sealing washers should be used to tighten screws. This creates a leak free seal.

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