TPO Sealer Pocket – White


Two Piece Design


Empire’s FlashAccessory Molded Sealant Pockets are
reservoirs for embedding irregular penetrations and
conduit bundles in one-part sealant. The 2” vertical wall
creates a perimeter around the penetration while the
reinforced TPO flange ties into the existing field
membrane. Injection molded with cutting guides at 6
points,Empire’s Molded Sealant Pockets provide sizing
flexibility on the roof. The two-piece design allows for fast,
easy installation by removing the need to disconnect
conduits or lines.

Sealant Pockets shall be installed in accordance with the
recommendations and specifications of the roofing
material manufacturer.
1. Prepare all welding surfaces by cleaning with TPO
membrane cleaner.
2. Fit both pieces of sealant pocket together around the
3. If smaller size is required, remove excess material by
cutting along vertical guidelines.
4. Heat weld the vertical and horizontal overlaps
5. Heat weld flange to field membrane.
6. Fill sealant with specified sealant.

Additional information

Pocket Size

4" x 4", 6" x 6"


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