TPO Roofing Components

TPO roofing components are an energy efficient, durable option for roofing. TPO is a single ply roofing membrane created from ethylene propylene rubber that effectively reflects heat. The white membrane is supposed to be exposed on the roofing. There are several benefits to TPO roofing that homeowners and builders can take advantage of.

Benefits of TPO Roofing
Cost Effective: TPO roofing and its components are low in cost compared to other roofing options. It also costs less to install when you hire a contractor compared to other materials.

Durable: This roofing is extremely effective against weather, debris, bacteria, chemical exposure, and ultraviolet light. It is designed to withstand impact, tears and punctures as well.

Easy Install: TPO is both lightweight and flexible. It also has fewer seams, making it easier to install. Simple installation and overall less work means you save time and money.

Energy Efficiency: Due to the materials TPO roofing is made with and its light reflecting properties, you save money on cooling fees while supporting the environment. This roofing actually exceeds what the EPA requires to deem a material energy efficient. If HVAC costs are an issue for your home or building, TPO is a great and affordable option.

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