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GacoPatch – 2 Gallon Bucket – White





When a Patch Needs to be Permanent

GacoPatch is a flashing grade, stand-alone silicone roof sealant designed to be installed in a single application on a variety of roof types including asphalt, single ply, metal, and most existing coatings. GacoPatch is now available in both a 2 gallon pail and a sausage tube.

It is a one-step application which reduces labor time and eliminates the cost of additional products such as primers, tapes, and top coats.

GacoPatch is a long-term solution for roof repairs because it is UV stable and does not chalk, crack, become brittle or break down over time. GacoPatch contains no asphalts or acrylics, and remains permanently flexible, even under ponding water. No additional reinforcement or extra
application steps are required for horizontal patches, even over ½” thick.

For regions requiring a VOC content less than 50 g/L, Gaco offers GacoFlex GacoPatch Compliant. Please contact your local area manager or reference the Product Data Sheet for more information.



NO PRIMER NEEDED*. Reducing labor time and eliminating the cost of additional products.

LONG TERM REPAIR SOLUTION. GacoPatch does not contain asphalts or acrylics and is extremely durable.

DAMP SURFACES. GacoPatch can be applied to damp surfaces**.

UV STABLE. GacoPatch does not require a top coat. It will not chalk, crack, or peel.

FLASHING GRADE. Fabric reinforcement is not normally required.


  • Control Joints***
  • Coping Joints***
  • Fishmouths***
  • Gutter Seams
  • Small Membrane Holes
  • Surface Cracks***

*Over most substrates.
**Standing water should first be removed.
***May require the use of sacrificial tape.


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