SolarEdge, SE11400H-US HD-Wave, Non-Isolated 1-Ph, Grid Tied Inverter, 11400W, 240VAC, Arc-Fault Protection, SE11400H-US000BNU4



SolarEdge, SE11400H-US HD-Wave, Non-Isolated 1-Ph, Grid Tied Inverter, 11400W, 240VAC, Arc-Fault Protection, SE11400H-US000BNU4

The SolarEdge PV inverter combines sophisticated digital control technology with efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar power harvesting and best-in-class reliability.

A proprietary data monitoring receiver has been integrated into the single phase solar inverter and aggregates the power optimizer performance data from each PV module. This data can be transmitted to the web and accessed via the SolarEdge monitoring portal for performance analysis, fault detection and troubleshooting of PV systems.

The single phase inverter comes with a built-in DC switch, is lightweight and can be installed by a single person on a supplied bracket.


  • Highlights – Specifically designed to work with power optimizers. Record-breaking efficiency. Fixed voltage inverter for longer strings. Integrated Arc Fault protection and Rapid Shutdown for NEC 2014 and 2017, per article 690.11 and 690.12. UL1741 SA certified, for CPUC Rule 21 grid compliance. Extremely small. Built-in module-level monitoring. Outdoor and indoor installation. Optional: Revenue grade data, ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5 (0.5% accuracy).


Mechanical Data
Technology: Single Phase String Inverter
21.30 x 14.60 x 7.30 inches
Weight: 38.80 lbs
Noise: < 50dBA
Cooling: Natural Convection
AC Output Conduit Size: 3/4″ Minimum / 14-6 AWG
DC Output Conduit Size: 3/4″ Minimum / 1-3 Strings / 14-6 AWG
Protection Rating: NEMA 4X (Inverter with Safety Switch)


Electrical Data
Rated AC Power Output: 11400VA @240V; 10000 @208V
Maximum AC Power Output: 11400VA @240V; 10000 @208V
AC Output Voltage @240V: Minimum: 211VAC; Nominal: 240VAC; and Maximum: 264VAC
AC Output Voltage @208V: Minimum: 183VAC; Nominal: 208VAC; and Maximum: 229VAC
AC Frequency (Nominal): 59.3 – 60 – 60.5 Hz
Maximum Continuous Output Current @240V: 47.50 Amps
Maximum Continuous Output Current @208V: 48.50 Amps
GFDI Threshold: 1
Utility Monitoring, Islanding Protection, County Configurable Set Points: Yes
Maximum DC Power @240V: 17650 Watts
Maximum DC Power @208V: 15500 Watts
Transformer-Less Ungrounded: Yes
Maximum Input Voltage: 480VDC
Nominal DC Input Voltage: 400VDC
Maximum Input Current @240V: 30.05ADC
Maximum Input Current @208V: 27.00ADC
Maximum Input Short Circuit Current: 45ADC
Reverse-Polarity Protection: Yes
Ground-Fault Isolation Detection: 600kΩ Sensitivity
Maximum Inverter Efficiency: 99.2%
CEC Weighted Efficiency: 99% @240V; 98.5% @208V
Night-Time Power Consumption: < 2.5 Watts


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