Palisade SA-HT – Ice and Water Shield



PALISADE™ synthetic roofing underlayment is truly a revolutionary advanced technology product specifically designed for the most wide ranging and toughest steep slope roofing application challenges.

Possessing breakthrough, category leading STRONGHOLD™ skid resistant technology, 1. PALISADE™ is engineered to provide the roofer the most advanced synthetic underlayment steep slope surface traction product on the marketplace today. STRONGHOLD™ is designed for the most demanding steep slope conditions of wet & dusty surface environments. Unlike smooth or hard polymer surfaced underlayments which become extremely slippery when wet or dusty. 2. STRONGHOLD™ skid resistant technology utilizes a highly engineered raised surface profile pattern of soft and resilient rubberized polymer dots which act as grip/anchor points which deliver category leading skid resistant performance in wet/dusty conditions. 3. This superior skid resistant technology also results in improved ability to hold roof loaded items such as tile, shingle packs, underlayment rolls; all without the use of hard grit particles that increase product weight, easily dislodge, and scratch metal roofing systems.

PALISADE™ also possesses advanced UV polymer technology to deliver up to 6 months exposure protection before the primary roofing covering has to be installed. This provides roofer and customer outstanding job scheduling flexibility and security during extended exposed roof conditions, and avoids the need for tarps. This exposure performance eliminates the old technology felt paper practice of having to immediately cover over felt underlayment because of the chronic occurrence of wrinkling, blow offs and UV damage, especially in high wind and/or wet conditions.

For demanding high temperature metal roofing systems such as zinc and copper, PALISADE™ is designed with high temperature polymers, providing a 300°F rated product. Furthermore, being a 100% felt free synthetic polymer product free of asphalt oils, PALISADE™ does not require the use of rosin paper or other separator sheets between the underlayment and primary metal roofing underside as required with asphalt felt underlayments (added cost savings).


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