GAP-WaterGuard – High Temp Ice and Water (MetalGuard)



GAP WaterGuard Self-Adhering MetalGuard Trax, a Metal Underlayment is a
specially designed and manufactured, self-adhering, SBS polymer modified High
Temp underlayment for use on metal roofing. MetalGuard Trax is ideal for high
temperature underlayment protection under metal roofing products.
GAP WaterGuard Self-adhered MetalGuard Trax underlayment serves a dual role as
a flashing membrane, helping protect areas susceptible to leaks such as valleys, roof
to wall transitions, and around vents and skylights.
GAP WaterGuard Self-Adhering MetalGuard Trax, a Metal Underlayment, is
manufactured with a dual SBS polymer formulation and a non-woven high temp
polyester top surface that is UV stabilized and an excellent skid resistant material.
The bottom coat is an aggressive asphalt- based adhesive, protected with a
factory applied, split-release film that is removed prior to installation. Additionally,
the 3” adhesive selvedge edge improves overlap bonding.


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